Does my shell make me look fat?

Ok ok... this is my fault! While we do not handle the aquatic turtles often, we do health checks on the regular. I noticed something a little extra hanging out of this female Missippi Map Turtle yesterday.

You can tell when a turtle or tortoise is overweight by ...

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Albinism can occur in any species of animal.

These are eastern diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus) offspring.

The mother is albino and was wild-caught a few years back in Georgia. After some time being abused, our good friend who is a licensed venomous snake keeper here in Central Flo...

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The Crazy Plants Nursery is a small greenhouse located at 22919 County Road 44a in Eustis, Florida., constructed to raise funds for Crazy Critters Inc.

Here is our Google Map location so you can see where you are in comparison to us...https://g.page/CrazyPlants?share

Click through the photos ...

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Checkin' in on the Gus group, the beardie named Gus, and some sulcata tortoises... one named Gus. Click to read more about our day here at Crazy Critters. This update includes Gus, the Boys, Turdie, Gus, Umatilla, FWC, Punta Gorda, Mara, and Gus!

Click to see everyone in a post from our FB page...

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"Let's Get Fired Up.. Let's Get Fired Up!"
When Ken and I get fired up we get super excited. I am sure we have smiles on our faces but that will be the only way to tell.
Wouldn't it be great if humans showed rage of color to show emotion? You could tell when a person is lying, happy, or whatever...

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So much progress. New gate, more fence, and so many other things that will help us complete the facility enough to considered a native wildlife rehabilitation center.

It is a goal that we have been working for since 2017!

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We forage for food to feed most of the species here at Crazy Critters.
It is both time-consuming and rewarding. As you know the saying is you are what you eat and we take it very seriously when it comes to exotic animal care.

We have been so busy and could have done without having to rush out to...

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Our new video uploaded last night after ten p.m. to our Youtube channel. It was not long before one of the twelve people who watched it gave us a thumbs down on it???
I do not think it is too boring and honestly, we are just so proud of being able to accomplish these rules set forth by the FWC in...

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Hatching from an egg right now are the Pelusios s. subniger. Listed on IUCN Redlist as Least Concern... they are still listed.

Meaning wild populations are at risk but the species is at least risk currently. This changes all of the time as the world gives away it's land for people to grow food o...

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3 weeks ago
Nice place, and people! Cannot wait to see all the new things happening here! The turtle we brought here will be SO happy!! Thank you!!
- A G
2 months ago
This is an amazing place that rehabilitates certain animals! Will revisit! Owners are really nice!
- A G
4 months ago
Finally made the hour drive to see this little gem. They have hundreds of beautiful succulents of all shapes and sizes! Very reasonably priced and super healthy. A must see for anyone who loves succulents as much as I do.
- A G

About us

     ~ Adopt ~ Breed ~ Rescue ~ Transport ~ Rehabilitate ~

Crazy Critters Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization established to provide non-domestic, non-releasable animals with a safe and permanent home. The sanctuary has adopted animals that include reptiles, birds, and assorted wildlife.

Once brought to the facility, these exotic animals are housed in naturalistic settings. Allowing propagation that is used for conservation.

Currently, this facility houses species of animals listed on CITES. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is an international treaty to prevent species from becoming endangered or extinct because of international trade.

Adding, the Crazy Critters organization has produced offspring from species currently found on the IUCN's Red List. Established in 1964, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has evolved to become the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species.

Feel free to check out the progress on our website at www.crazycrittersinc.com.

Crazy Critters Inc. is a self-funded organization that depends on a greenhouse nursery to pay for the cost of housing exotic animals. The facility grows and sells species of plants such as succulent and cactus to support the care of the animals. Many too are listed on the IUCN's Redlist.

Located in Eustis, Florida, the facility is an FWC Amnesty location. It is not open to the public. Instead, hosting private educational events and using social media to share the facility build and news.

~ We Grow Crazy Plants So We Can Care For Crazy Critters! ~

The Crazy Plants Nursery was constructed to grow the best food sources for the critters at the facility. It was not long before we realized hosting plant fundraisers was a great way to generate funds.

Follow us on our journey as we build our Herp Haven called Crazy Critters!

We share as we build, make mistakes, learn, and grow! Find us on most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more! Click to go to our page that shares all of our social media links!... https://crazycrittersinc.com/our-social-media-links/

If you or your company would like to help a cause like ours, please contact us. Or use our donation page! https://crazycrittersinc.com/donate-to-crazy-critters-inc/

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