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We do not have to wonder why he did it but we do have to wonder where he got the clay on his back.

Cooper the Sulcata came out yesterday from a hole he and his brothers have been working on and it appears they dug deep enough to hit clay.

It is just "crazy" because we have nothing but white sug...

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Hey guys!

We just uploaded a new video showing the plants we have stocked in the nursery to help us reach our goal for the bird barn.

While making it, we walked around the turtle greenhouse and backporch area showing you a few residents along the way.

This included the white Rhea birds becaus...

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Talk about eating on the run!
Captain the African Spurred Thigh Tortoise has recently moved from his spot under the jasmine and into the larger tortoise yard but we still have the water located a good walk away so we are able to catch them on their way to the watering hole.
Other than that, the ...

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Ken is often able to complete most projects around the facility but we know when to call in the pros so we called Allen's Well Drilling, Inc. to come out and help us install the new water pump tank.

While they were here, we had them replace a few leaky pipes too so we will recoup our expenses qu...

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We are doing some slider updates and man,they can be difficult! Especially the sliders as we have so many and many look alike.

However, I think I have these correct... maybe.

Well, maybe not Herbie.

Click over to our FB page to read more....

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We have just hatched a brand new species here at Crazy Critters Inc.!!!
That is nine species of turtles for us!! Click to read more about the Black Marsh Turtle (Siebenrockiella crassicollis).
There is a new video that just uploaded of Ken pulling it out of the incubator. C...

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Hey guys!!!
Meet... well, I think the two newest residents here at Crazy Critters and also a brand new species we have never worked with throughout our entire careers. Click on our FB page to read more about who they are, what they are, and why the state protects them.

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a month ago
First of all I want to say thank you, it’s amazing what you are doing for the critters/animals, you are not only helping them but also giving us the opportunity to get some amazing plants. I had the opportunity to go a couple of weekends ago to buy plants which help getting funds for the animals and they had a great selection of healthy plants. Plus the owners are kind & very helpful. If you haven’t been here please go and get some great plants, prices are very affordable and the plants are just gorgeous!
- Claudia G
3 weeks ago
This nonprofit helped me in my time of need after a devastating home fire. I had no place to turn and no place to keep my lizard. I do not know what I would have done if they were not there to help me. Amazingly, there was no adoption fees for them to help either! To make life a little easier, they share updates on how Spike is doing and that helps me move on while picking my life pieces back up. Thank you Cherrice, Ken, and Crazy Critters!!
- John S
3 months ago
I love this place! First off, the couple that run it are some of the neatest people I've met. They are so passionate about what they do and the love they have for the animals is so good to see! Their plants are pretty neat too. Definitely a place to check out and gain some knowledge.
- Keri B

About us

     ~ Adopt ~ Breed ~ Rescue ~ Transport ~ Rehabilitate ~

Crazy Critters Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization established to provide non-domestic, non-releasable animals with a safe and permanent home. The sanctuary has adopted animals that include reptiles, birds, and assorted wildlife.

Once brought to the facility, these exotic animals are housed in naturalistic settings. Allowing propagation that is used for conservation.

Currently, this facility houses species of animals listed on CITES. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is an international treaty to prevent species from becoming endangered or extinct because of international trade.

Adding, the Crazy Critters organization has produced offspring from species currently found on the IUCN's Red List. Established in 1964, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has evolved to become the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species.

Feel free to check out the progress on our website at

Crazy Critters Inc. is a self-funded organization that depends on a greenhouse nursery to pay for the cost of housing exotic animals. The facility grows and sells species of plants such as succulent and cactus to support the care of the animals. Many too are listed on the IUCN's Redlist.

Located in Eustis, Florida, the facility is an FWC Amnesty location. It is not open to the public. Instead, hosting private educational events and using social media to share the facility build and news.

~ We Grow Crazy Plants So We Can Care For Crazy Critters! ~

The Crazy Plants Nursery was constructed to grow the best food sources for the critters at the facility. It was not long before we realized hosting plant fundraisers was a great way to generate funds.

Here is our Google Map location so you can see where you are in comparison to us...

We are open Thursday thru Saturday from 10-3.

Prices vary depending on stock and season.
2" succulents $1.75
2" echeveria $2
2" cactus$2
3" succulents and cactus $2.50
4" succulents and cactus $3.50
Edible Plants start at $3.50
Hanging plants $20 and up

We are an agricultural establishment that can not host guests in heavy storms. On days with strong weather, we announce on our nursery's Facebook page for the Crazy Plants Nursery if we will be open or not before nine o'clock a.m.

Cash Only
No Discounts
Licensed Nursery
High-Quality Plants
Sales Tax Is Included
We Do Not Ship Plants
We Can Not Hold Plants
Wholesale Prices To All!
Located in Eustis, Florida
Prices Subject To Change
Pick-up and Pick-out Only
Proceeds To Great Cause!
Owner Operated Small Business!
Specialize In Rare and Edible Plants! 

Follow us on our journey as we build our Herp Haven called Crazy Critters!

We share as we build, make mistakes, learn, and grow! Find us on most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more! Click to go to our page that shares all of our social media links!...

If you or your company would like to help a cause like ours, please contact us. Or use our donation page! 

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