You are invited to the 2nd Annual Crazy Plants For Crazy Critters plant fundraiser. The link to the event is located in the comments below these photos.

Open to the public. The Crazy Plants Nursery is located at 22919 County Road 44a in Eustis, Florida. Available Tuesday through Saturday from 10...

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Hermit Crabs are found worldwide. Long-clawed hermit crabs live mostly in shallow water and are common in tide pools and salt marshes. Broad-clawed hermit crabs live in deeper waters. Hermit crabs are active animals, moving about in search of food.

Click to learn more from our website... https...

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The word Sulcata comes from the Latin word sulcus which means 'furrow'. This refers to the furrows, or deep lines, on their shells. It's the third-largest species of tortoise in the world.

They are capable of going weeks without food or water because they have evolved to live in some of the hars...

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This is the 7th annual #GivingTuesday. To celebrate, we have worked hard on our GoFundMe page. It has sat idle and stagnant because we raise money by selling plants and not doing typical non-profit fundraising.

It was recently brought to our attention just how bad ours was doing, so we did some ...

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We bring in all the animals anytime the temperatures drop. Each species has a different tolerable temp. An example is the Leopard Tortoise has to be brought in when the temps are 65 degrees. While others such as Russian Tortoises can be left out in Florida year-round as long as they have areas to...

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Our Fall garden is growing food for the animals and for us homesteaders.

With us becoming more and more self-sufficient, a food forest is the smartest project we can continue.

We started our food forest with plants that grow best in our area. Once these “easy to grow” plants were scattered thro...

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In and out he goes. When it stops, only the weatherman knows.

We bring the iguanas in when it falls below 60 degrees. Tonight, it will be only lower for a short amount of time. But to ensure that everyone is snug as a bug, the iguanas have a tube placed in layers of mulch. This tube creates a wa...

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Crazy Critters Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 private exotic animal facility located in Eustis, Florida. The company was established to provide non-domestic, non-releasable animals with a safe and permanent home.

The goal of this facility is to carve the invasive species issues by providing exotic...

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More than 30 species of turtle call Florida home, and while the majority are primarily aquatic, several varieties live on land such as the box turtle and the gopher tortoise.

From time to time we humans come in contact with turtles. Often they are crossing the roads. If you must intervene, simpl...

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6 months ago
I have purchased plants from this place, nice and healthy, fairly priced. You might need to call and make sure that they are opened on the day you are planning to visit before you head that way. They are also a reptile rescue so I imagine they get pretty busy. Lovely people with big hearts.
- Svetlana R
6 months ago
I love everything they do at Crazy Critters! The animals they rescue truly come above everything! My kids and I have been there a few times and we are always pleased with what we see!!! Great habitats for the critters, an amazing variety of food for them, and above all, safety of every critter they have!
- Tanya H
a year ago
Loved visiting this fledgling non-profit exotic animal rescue... They are dedicated to making the world a better place by protecting animals in the present and preserving the future, by teaching kids about the incredible miracles of nature. ♥️🐢🦎🌵
- Lea A

About us

Crazy Critters Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3, Exotic Animal Rescue and Wildlife Facility located in Eustis, Florida. The facility provides permanent homes to nearly 200 animals including lizards, turtles, skinks, geckos, birds, and assorted wildlife. Crazy Critters Inc. was established to provide non-domestic, non-releasable animals with a safe and permanent home.

Ken and Cherrice Purvee have been working together since 2001 raising plants and animals as natural as possible. For the past few years, always open to adopting exotic animals. Making people feel secure knowing their loved pet has a happy forever home.

Mostly Tortoises and Turtles call Crazy Critters home. What makes this unique is that after adoption, Crazy Critters continues to share the lives of the pets on social media. Providing an additional continued connection.

The facility is currently building a natural bog system that will filter and reuse water, it will also grow various leafy vegetables that will help Crazy Critters be self-sustainable. If your company would like to help with this cause, please contact Ken and Cherrice Purvee 22921 County Road 44a Eustis, Fl 32736 352-589-5999.

Crazy Critters is having a plant fundraiser every weekend in August to help raise money to pay for the bog system. The fundraiser event is being held in the Crazy Critters greenhouse located at the facility/ Crazy Critters Inc. 22921 County Road 44a Eustis, Florida 32736, Crazy Critters Inc grows Succulents, Cactus, Orchids, Hibiscus, and other hard to find species of plants. Every single dollar goes directly to the growth of the organization. The programs educate the public on long-term conservation as well as current environmental issues concerning endangered and threatened species of wildlife and their habitat. The facility is currently under construction and being rezoned by the county. Private educational tours will be available starting in 2018.

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